714 km Island Walk – postscript Part 1

My long distance walking adventure in PEI may be over but my hiking isn’t, of course. And neither are the musings and lessons learned along the way. One lesson I’m holding is that you just cannot truly imagine what amazing things the world has in store for you.

View from the top of Mont Arthabaska, Quebec. Read on to see why this photo appears.

I had no way of knowing if I would actually complete this long distance PEI trek, The Island Walk. Or that we would exceed the fundraising goal for Lennon Recovery House, which stands at an astounding $7460. Over the $7000 goal! Or that my beloved community at home in PEC, or that my new found one in PEI, would be as key as they were to accomplishing my goals. First lesson for me: be open to, and believe in, possibilities.

So many paths yet to walk.

It’s my first day back home in beautiful South Bay. I’m still unpacking, literally and otherwise, so I’ll keep this post relatively short, but I do want to share a short hiking adventure I had on my way home. Whenever travelling, keying in “Places to hike near me” on your phone is a great way to discover places to recharge. That’s how I ended up on the forested paths of Mont Arthabaska in Victoriaville, Quebec. My husband and I highly recommend it!

Be prepared for a few steep climbs. Usually, a nice view is the reward.

Sweet syrup tap lines ran through some of the trails. That’s not something I’d seen on a hiking path before.

Lots of trails from which to choose.

“Le visionnaire engagé” metal sculpture by Surender Kumar Singh was another surprise at the summit.

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Thanks ever so much to everyone who has been reading, donating, and supporting my efforts. Your interest means so much!

More adventures to come. Christine

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