Back home after 714 km hike. Now what?

It made me uneasy when I thought about the abrupt end to come of my walking long distances every day for a month. The solitude, the freedom of having all I needed on my back, being surrounded by nature, and making all my own decisions about how far, how long, when to stop, eat, and so forth during The Island Walk in PEI, all these things I experienced would be over. It was anxiety inducing. In equal measure, particularly during the last days, was a desire to be home again.

Current view from my bedroom at home. I’m so grateful for it, in every season.

This was especially so when I achieved my fundraising goal – in fact, surpassed it – of $7000 for Lennon Recovery House, to help folks struggling with addictions and co-occurring mental health disorders. Thanks again – seriously, I can’t thank people enough for your support!

Given this great shirt when I visited Lennon House.

Now I’ve been off trail for almost a week. I have, nonetheless, walked every day except one since the end of my PEI trek. Not 20 kilometres a day or more, but still, walking.

First walk back home on the Millennium Trail.

And the view at Mariners Park, part of a frequent walk to the rock cut on County Road 13, where I live.

I’ve hugged my cats, unpacked, cleaned house, tended to my over 40 houseplants (which all survived because of the care of others, thank you!), and soaked up the warm, fuzzy feelings of being home again. That said, I am already looking at where I will do my next long distance adventure. More on that in a future blog post.

Meanwhile, I have a few projects on the burners here at home.

As always, creating bullet journal pages to plan.

They include: – putting together a baton twirling brigade for the upcoming Lantern Festival by the brilliant Department of Illumination – more writing for this blog – creating a zine(s) about long distance walking – preparing a slide show and talk about my trek for Prince Edward Learning Centre – finishing a couple of commissioned paintings – creating a body of creative work from the long distance walking experience – looking for employment to fund my next adventures. I’m sure more will be added to this list as the days unfold.

I’m also slowly getting back to seeing friends and family I’ve missed so much and look forward to easing back in to daily routines. October is a good month for fresh starts and fall is my favourite season so I’m basking in it. Hope you are, too!

More adventures – or projects, for now – to come. Christine

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