Day 1 – The Island Walk

Sept. 3rd, 2021 Prince Edward Island

First Island Walk sign spotted!

Despite a rocky start, with first missing my flight to the Island on the 1st, and remnants of Hurricane Ida greeting my arrival yesterday, today was great! My first day on The Island Walk – referred to hereafter as TIW because I’m now blogging on the useable but ridiculously small keyboard of my iPhone 5 – proved easier than I thought it might be.

My brother, Rick, and his trusty sidekick Findlay (or is it Findley? I’m never sure how dogs spell their names) drove me to the Confederation Trail/New Zealand Road Trailhead around 10am. They even accompanied me for a kilometre or so to get me properly on my way!

Lunch break at one of the sheltered picnic tables right on the trail!

Weather: misty rain on and off all day with glimpses of occasional- very occasional- blue sky. Windy, which I love, especially when it’s at my back, which it was.

Shortly after Rick left, Helene, an islander and fellow hiker that I recently met online through Bryson Guptill, walked a ways with me. Great company and she brought vegan treats! Unfortunately, I didn’t take a pic of her as I’d intended. Next time, Helene!

When it comes to TIW, by the way, Bryson wrote the book! Literally, he wrote a guidebook about the experience. Get a copy if you plan on walking the trail.

What this section was like

Trail maintenance- not just the roads are red in PEI!

Lush forest flanks much of the trail, which is wide and well maintained. The canopy of trees would make for welcome shade on hot days. Today, the wind was in charge so mostly large drops of rain fell from the leaves above. The path is finely crushed reddish brown stone with a lovely grassy green centre in parts.

Distance 22.67 Though the official trail section was to end at Elmira Train Station & Museum (21km), I added a couple of kilometres by turning left onto Elmira Road to Northside Road (16). This is where the trail will continue tomorrow and close to where I’m staying tonight so I thought that, rather than backtrack to the Elmira Train Station, I will continue on at that junction toward my next day’s end in Bothwell.

I am staying at All Points East Campground tonight in their “Bunkin’ at the Lake” bunkie. It’s perfect!

Solar powered little place with a view of North Lake, picnic table, fire pit and clothesline. Great campground, clean bathrooms and showers. Friendly and accommodating! Booked on Airbnb. More pics tomorrow of this sweet spot.

I had dinner at The Northlake Boathouse just a 20 minute walk up the road. And look at what I was rewarded with on that little jaunt of extra kilometres!

The Northlake Boathouse is a quaint eatery with friendly service and a delicious veggie wrap. The server asked me if I was vacationing and I told her what I was doing, joking that I might hitch back rather than walk back to the campground and, in typical islander fashion, a couple eating there kindly offered me a lift!

Thanks again to Helene, to Arlene, the people who drove me from the restaurant (sorry I didn’t get their names), Tanya at the campground, and especially my brother and his family for the support while here!

As you may know, I am trying to raise funds for PEI’s Lennon Recovery House with my walk. If you would like to make a donation, it’s easy to do at the link below. Thanks, and more to come soon!


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