Day 12 – The Island Walk

September 14, 2021

The relentless wind made for some chilly walking at times today, but the sun eventually broke through and spectacular vistas sweetened it all.

I added 24.6 kms to my total walk, stopping for an hour or so in Victoria by the Sea.

For County folks, Victoria by the Sea is sort of the Bloomfield of PEI, albeit much smaller, with a gorgeous view, but, you know…shops. Most I saw, however, were closed. Seems Monday/Tuesday they’re not open and the season is winding down, so that’s understandable. No shops needed for me anyway. I instead embraced the view from the Adirondacks belonging to the said closed shops…

and put my feet up as I ate my delicious samosa.

Carrying on, I arrived in Tryon, my stop for the day. There were more than a few hills today, which I don’t mind all all, but I want to dispel the myth that PEI is as flat as PEC!

Tryon is where my host, Ruth, who’s also a hiker, picked me up. She then kindly brought me to a grocery store in Cornwall for a few things, and then to her lovely home on the water in St. Catherines. Hikers know what hikers need!

Also a big thanks to Seana, my sister-in-law, for driving all the way from St. Peter’s Bay to pick me up early this morning in Stratford, driving me to Ruth’s so I could drop off my food stash, and then to Route 19 and Bonshaw Rd, where my walking began. Seana also let me know that Saltwire (the online PEI news) did a story on my walk and the fundraiser. Thankful for the publicity, but the link the included for the fundraiser doesn’t work. This one does 🙂

That’s it for today. 

More adventures to come! Christine

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