Day 14 – The Island Walk

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Nothing but blue skies today! After a relaxing morning of planning the next few days, while soaking up the view at the home of my gracious host, Ruth, I got back to walking around 1:30pm.

Sticky notes are forgiving when plans change!

Venturing off from where I ended the day previous, in Bedeque, I headed for the 8 or so kms down the busiest highway yet toward Summerside.

A view from the side of the busy 1A into Summerside. Not bad, eh?

Making the unpleasant, and unavoidable – there’s just no other way to get to Summerside – as pleasant as possible for myself, I turned my face away when transports went by and plugged in some music. Upside: you can sing along as loud as you want!

I was rewarded by the sight of the Kool Breeze Ice Cream shop when I got into Summerside. I’d read on the PEI vegan Facebook group that this place has vegan soft serve ice cream! I had no idea where it was though, so what a nice surprise.


After a bit of in town walking, I was on the Confederation Trail again. It runs right through the city.

Unfortunately, I was looking for the “Island Walk #4” waypoint sign, but missed it. It didn’t matter as I had planned to walk farther anyway.

Gorgeous spot for a break right in downtown Summerside

After 20.35 kms, I ended at the Confederation Trail and Kinsmen Rd.

Another fellow hiker – who has hiked all over the world- and is a friend of Ruth’s, came to pick me up. Thank you Kendra!

Our fundraising efforts continue to climb! Thanks to everyone who has helped us get to $4,305! The goal is $7000. Please help us get there if you haven’t donated yet and can afford to pitch in. Let’s support the caring work done at Lennon Recovery House and make a positive difference in people’s lives. Here’s the link if you’d like to know more or make a donation.

More adventures to come and thanks for reading this! Christine

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