Day 15 – The Island Walk

Friday, September 17, 2021

There’s such beauty along the Confederation Trail and it’s peaceful. I’m happy that that’s where I put in the 25 kilometres of my journey today.

Kendra, who I mentioned came to bring me to Ruth’s yesterday, returned to pick me up at 8am, and by 9am, I was on trail.

At about 12 kilometres in, my left foot was so sore I thought I might have to call it a day, but a long lunch break and some “doctoring” of it, and I had no problem carrying on.

First aid on the go!

I went through Wellington – that’s where the lunch break unfolded – and I walked on for another 13 kilometres.

Made it to waypoint 5 at Wellington and carried on. I’m not doing the trail with a start in Charlottetown, so the numbers aren’t as relevant. That’s the beauty of circumnavigating the island. You can start anywhere. I started up at New Zealand.

Sun streamed in the forest beside the trail

The last 5km required some tunes to both take my mind off the pain that reared its ugly head, and to keep up a decent pace. Faves today: The Coup’s Ride the Fence, Cream’s I Feel Free, Alessia Cara’s Wild Things and KT Tunstall’s Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.

Apples growing along the trail make a good snack

Where the trail crosses at Northam is where my new host, Ellen, picked me up.

Ellen has a lovely cottage with her husband, Brian, at Cape Wolfe. It’s truly a house, not a cottage in what I think of as a cottage, something basic and usually rustic. It is a cottage for them in that they don’t live here in winter. I feel especially fortunate to get to see this spectacular part of the island as it’s remote and not included in The Island Walk.

View tonight from Ellen’s cottage in Cape Wolfe

Lastly, I’m deeply grateful and encouraged every day as I see the number climbing toward the goal for Lennon Recovery House! Thank you! We are now at $4385! Everyone struggling with addictions and mental health disorders deserves the life changing opportunities a caring place like Lennon Recovery House offers. All donations are tax deductible and it’s simple to give at this link.

More adventures to come! Christine

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