Day 16 – The Island Walk

Saturday, September 18, 2021

33.85 kilometres walked today!

Plus, I met people on trail (and a fox – but not on the trail!)

The vast azure sky, dramatic fluffy clouds, and a changing forest path made the walk exceptional.

I started from Northam Rd, on past McNeill’s Mill and Portage,finishing up in O’Leary. 

Start at Northam Road

Somewhere between McNeill’s Mills and Portage, a friendly woman rode up on her bike and asked “Are you Christine?”  What a nice surprise to have Colleen Poirier come out to meet me!

I knew I wanted to do a long day today and I credit Colleen’s company in helping me do just that! 

Colleen is clearly an outdoor enthusiast and has completed the full tip-to-tip on the Confederation Trail – twice I think! She is also one of the walkers who joined portions of the inaugural Island Walk. We had a great time chatting, while she walked her bike beside me. After a short lunch break, Colleen kept me company a bit further on, to Portage Road, before riding her bike back to her car at the Richmond crossroad.

Shortly thereafter, I met the group of seven hikers from Ottawa who are doing The Island Walk.

Having started in Charlottetown, while I started in New Zealand, we were going in opposite directions. It was great to run into them!

Trailside scenery

The trail provides, they say. This tunnel canopy appeared on my last few kilometres.

These attractive signs mark TIW journey

The day ended with Ellen – my generous host – picking me up at O’Leary, waypoint 7.

Ellen offered to show me the iconic West Point Beach lighthouse which is a short drive from Cape Wolfe, where I’m staying with her at her and her husband, Brian’s, cottage.

In addition to the lighthouse and ocean view, we saw two tame foxes in search of food. Unfortunately, when wild animals are fed by humans, as these likely have been, it alters their natural behaviour which is detrimental to all involved. 

Ellen then showed me picturesque Howard’s Cove Harbour. I’m lucky to have met Ellen, who was born and grew up here, and has a wealth of knowledge about the area.

Lastly, the fundraiser for Lennon Recovery House is at $4510! We are getting steadily closer to our goal of $7000 each day and it’s gratifying to watch it grow. Please know that I look at every donation and related comment, and I thank you all! If you haven’t donated but would like to contribute, or just want to know more about the fundraiser and why I chose Lennon House, this is the link.

More adventures to come! Christine

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