Day 17 – The Island Walk

Sunday, September 19, 2021

What is this, you might ask? It’s a common sight if you travel around PEI and I spotted this one on Trainer Road during my 22.5 kilometres, from O’Leary to Miminegash.

A wider shot gives a better idea of a buoy tree. I’ve heard there’s one in Murray Harbour people drive across the island to see.

The day started nicely on the trail for about 8km out of O’Leary, then onto road walks with brutal headwinds as I headed toward the coast. At some points, I wondered if I was actually moving forward at all!

The sky, in contrast, was a cloudless expanse of gentle blue but I hesitated to look up too much, lest my neck be snapped back by the wind. Okay, that’s an exaggeration but, you get the idea. Still some pretty nice views. And no rain!

A most welcome sight just before you leave the trail for Jerry Rd.

Motorized vehicles aren’t allowed on the Confederation Trail. I hadn’t seen any until the past couple of days, but did see a few trail bikes come zipping by me and there’s evidence of 4-wheelers, too.

Finding a lunch spot on this section proved a challenge, but I hunkered down just off the road in an old, unused driveway. Any place will do when you really need a break, and I was thankful for it!

Plentiful, beautiful views when coming into Miminegash.

Beautiful cormorants

This the remains of a tank house, right by the walking trail. These tanks were used to supply water at intervals when the steam trains ran on the island.

The only living snake I’ve seen on trail. I saw a couple of small dead ones, sadly. This healthy one looks like a garter snake but please correct me of I’m wrong!

Made it to Waypoint 8 at Miminegash!

Today’s total for our Lennon House PEI fundraiser stands at $4510, which is the first time since I began my walk that it hasn’t increased daily. If you haven’t donated, and can afford any amount at all, to help Lennon Recovery House make a life saving difference in a person’s life, you can do it simply here. If you have donated, my heartfelt thanks! And please share the fundraising link on social media or with your family and friends. That really helps.

More adventures to come! I’m getting close to North Cape! Christine

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