Day 18 – The Island Walk

Monday, September 20, 2021 Secluded beach, Stompin’ Tom and moving digs!

Letting the days go by…once in a lifetime…let the water hold me up …”Talking Heads

On this 21.70km day, the weather was my best friend. Cerulean waters of the ocean were in view on my left for good portions of the walk.

When lunchtime came, I decided to veer down a red clay road to see if I might access the beach, and I did! The scenery was breathtaking. It was hard to leave it and keep walking.

Lunch spot!

Long distance walking reality check: a walk in the ocean will require new foot bandaging. Totally worth it!

I should mention that whenever I stop during my walk, or go off course, I always pause my tracking app and resume it when I continue so that I am keeping accurate recording of distance on The Island Walk path.

A few kilometres later and I arrived in Skinners Pond, home to legendary Stompin’ Tom. The place was busy with fans enjoying the daily live show by a musician delivering a Tom tribute. If you go by between 1pm and 2, you can attend the free performance. The place does, however, close for the season in late September.

Part of the Stompin’ Tom homestead.

I enjoyed the music in the background as I made use of the facilities. There’s a gift shop that, surprisingly, did not sell postcards which was what I’d hoped to get. They did have all the other expected paraphernalia.

Unofficial welcoming greeter at Skinners Pond

So many beautiful vistas

Around 8 kms later, I arrived at my final destination for the day, Christopher Cross. This is where Ellen, my kind host, picked me up.

Ellen has treated me so kindly, and I’ve called her beautiful cottage in Cape Wolfe home for the past 4 days. I can’t convey the feeling of gratitude I hold for her and Brian, and the other incredibly kind and accommodating people who have helped me out on this journey. 

One more pretty view of the many I saw today

Tomorrow I am moving on to Briarwood Coastal Cottages and Lodge for 3 days. Following that, who knows? Organizing accommodations, especially with having to be ferried to and from each trailhead, can be a challenge for someone like me on a limited budget, but I have been beyond lucky so far. My heartfelt thanks to the amazing islanders who have done so much for me and, consequently, have helped me raise $4510 to date for Lennon Recovery House. Link to fundraiser if interested.

PEI is a very special place indeed. More adventures to come! Christine

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