Day 19 – The Island Walk

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Spectacular scenery, hitchhiking, and a most unexpected, moving experience to deepen my faith in humanity. I left my home-away-from home at Ellen’s and Brian’s, and was driven to my starting point in Christopher Cross by fellow hiker, Jo-Anne, this morning at 8:30am.

Today was one section I’d been anticipating for a time: the visit to North Cape. It did not disappoint!

Stunning cliffs

That’s a long, long way down

Blazing blue sky backdrop for the many wind turbines at the point. The whoosh of the blades competed with the sound of the waves at times.

I’ve walked from my startIng point in New Zealand, and made it to Norway! hahaha, but all in PEI. This was the community I walked through to arrive at North Cape.

That’s some sand sculpture!

Part of the Black Marsh Trail with an ocean view all along. Breathtaking!

I miss these types of forested trails, which are what I frequently hike back home in Ontario.

Lunch spot outside the North Cape Interpretive Centre.

North Cape Centre and lighthouse.

The wind was at my back getting to the Cape which meant a strong headwind all the way back down another 10 or so kilometres on Route 12 to Anglo Tignish.

Made it to waypoint 10, but decided to keep going.

A busy working harbour just past waypoint 10.

Roadside wild blueberry field in fall

What I walked today

And, then! The ride from my end point to Briarwood Coastal Cottages fell through. Sometimes a challenge like that presents just the light in the universe that one needs. I decided to hitch hike and, after not too long, a young woman stopped. Though she was on her way to a beach walk on her day off, and not going to Alberton (I came to find out as we drove along), she so kindly changed her plans to help me out. During the almost half hour drive to my accommodations, I told her about my walk for Lennon Recovery House and learned that she is a nurse who travels to work up north in Indigenous communities, and other details that made me feel we were somewhat kindred spirits. I don’t want to share too much here as I didn’t mention that I might write about our meeting, though I did say that I blog daily about my adventures. When we arrived at my destination, I thanked her and said I wished I had something to give her. She said she had something to give me. From an envelope, she revealed two $100 bills. She insisted I take it, which I did with – not gonna lie – tears welling up. We got out of the car, hugged, and she was gone. I’ll never forget these deep encounters I am experiencing and, especially, this one. I’ll walk with the glow of that meeting and I send all my respect and best wishes with you Ashley. The world is a better place today. And Lennon House has another generous donation. If you would like to contribute or learn more about the fundraiser, this is the link. Thank you to all who have already made a donation.

More adventures to come! Christine

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