Day 20! The Island Walk

Wednesday, September 22, 2021 “Well, that’s not something you see everyday!” I said that more than once on this 21.3 kilometres of my road walk along Route 12 from Anglo Tignish to Alberton in PEI.

As you can see, the day began in cloud…and boots.

I was a bit bummed when I set out that it threatened rain. I felt a few drops as the wind picked up, but there’s nothing like boots casually strung way up above the road on electrical wires to brighten my mood!

Stormy grey skies and choppy waters to start the day.

The sun making a valiant effort to break through.

And when it did, it was spectacular!

Bridge views

This organic veggie stand reminded me of home. I haven’t seen any others in my over 470kms of walking. Heart and Soil is also a farm B&B. Looks like a place I would have liked to stay if I had known about it, and it’s right on route.

People make some fun things on PEI, like exact miniature replicas of their homes as lawn ornaments.

And ginormous mailboxes. Note my trekking poles leaned there for size.

Too bad I ate lunch on the edge of a farmer’s field by the road. A kilometre farther and I could have had it beachside.

Down a ditch and into a “watch you don’t poke your eye out“ forest to pee. Realities of road walks.

Still more gorgeous views on the bridges of this stretch.

Quite a long bridge over deep blue water, just a few kilometres before you arrive in Alberton.

Entering my destination for the day

Made it to the waypoint 11 sign in Alberton.

Where and what I walked today. I kept a good average 5.3 kph, fuelled in part by music. Recommended tempo, Lady Gaga’s You were born this way. Caution: earworm!

At the end, Lisa, who owns Briarwood Coastal Cottages and Lodge with her husband, Paul, kindly picked me up. She even waited while I bought some groceries so I could cook myself a decent supper in the kitchen of the lovely unit I’m renting at Briarwood. If you are doing this area of TIW, you should check out staying here. And, following the lovely surprise yesterday from Ashley, a friend of my sister-in-law’s offered to support my journey by putting $300 towards the cost of my 3-day stay at Briarwood! They also wanted to do this anonymously, but maybe if you’re reading this, you kind human, you can know that I am so very grateful!

Our fundraiser for Lennon Recovery House continues to grow! We’re getting there! Thanks to everyone who has donated thus far. If you haven’t and would like to make a donation, or just learn a bit more about why I’m raising money, this is the link. More adventures to come! Christine

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