Day 21 – The Island Walk

Thursday, September 23, 2021

I’ve now walked over 500 kilometres! 504.44 to be exact, without missing a day. And we’ve raised $4750 for Lennon Recovery House PEI. Holy Moly! Still a ways to go for 700kms and the $7000 goal, but it’s happening. This, meanwhile, is some of what I saw and did on Day 21 of the adventure.

Started the day by watching this spectacular sunrise. I’ve been getting up at 5:30 to prep for each day, so this is a nice reward for early mornings.

Pretty little church in Alberton, on my way out of town, where my walk began.

Many fisherman working at the first waterview I saw today.

You often see boats like this in people’s yards. I was thinking as I went by, musing about my accommodation challenge for the next day (now all sorted, so no worries), how cool it would be to sleep in one of these on dry land. Alternative accommodations?

Today was a long road walk along Route 12 – Cascumpec Road, but I came across this unexpected gem of a store.

Now called Cascumpec General Store, it had cool vintage finds and Randy Arsenault, who started it 5 years ago and grew up here, was so nice. The building was originally the Caspunpec Town Hall but, unused, it had fallen into disrepair until he refurbished it.

There were a number of picturesque harbours on this stretch of road.

Thankful for a bit of shade, and for signage.

After the tiring asphalt, there was Percival ”road”. I almost thought I wasn’t on the correct route as the overgrown path narrowed.

But before long, it opened on to the Confederation Trail, where I happily put in the last few kilometres of the day.

Made it to waypoint 12 – Portage

Oh, and the walk made the PEI paper! Hoping that bolsters the fundraising for Lennon Recovery House.

If you would like to encourage success for folks struggling with addictions and mental health, this is the link. Deep thanks to all who have already donated. I can’t thank you all individually right now, but I read the names of donors, and think of you and thank you as I check the fundraiser each evening.

More adventures to come! Christine

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