Day 22-The Island Walk

It’s funny how when you’ve walked long distances for 22 consecutive days, mostly over 20km each day with a couple over 30s to make it interesting, you think of a 20km walk as an easy day.

Heavy pack, but blue sky day

But then you remember that it’s also a full-pack day, meaning you’re changing where you’ll be staying so you have to carry all your gear, clothes, and food. That is, unless you get super lucky and you can “slack pack”, that is, someone brings your fully loaded pack or most of the contents to your next stop. I’ve had that luck, but not today. My pack probably weighed 20lbs or a tad over 9 kilos. Normally, it’s only about 14 lbs. Every pound mattered today. Especially to knees and feet!

The marshes on trail mean lots of mosquitoes when it’s hot and humid, as it was today. Still pretty though!

Nature really shines on the trail. There were a lot of these mushrooms, and this one reminded me of my cats. I miss them. Do you see a cat face in the centre?

These shelters at intervals along the trail are awesome. We need a few like this on the Millennium Trail back home, I think!

Much of the trail is lush dense forest. I cannot look at these without assessing them for Xmas tree potential as we did in the forest on our land back home for so many years.

This could be ”old man’s beard” lichen, or maybe it’s fruticose lichen. I’m not sure, but if anyone knows for certain, let me know. Either way I’d call this a Dr. Seuss tree!

Pac Man mushrooms!

Autumn colours but summer heat today.

20kms all on the Confederation Trail. The Island Walk route necessitates walking the section in both directions. I had walked it previously in the opposite direction through to waypoint 6. Today was to waypoint 13.

I could not find the sign for waypoint 13, but this told me I was at the right place at least.

And the highlight of today?

The big $5000 reached! Thanks to everyone who has made this possible, and a shout out to Casey, a friend who made the last generous donation with this message: ”Getting you to $5000 for the 500 km you’ve walked!” Feeling the love! Thank you. If you haven’t donated but might like to help meet the $7000 goal for Lennon Recovery House, here’s the link.

More adventures to come! Christine

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