Day 23 – The Island Walk

I felt this was going to be a great day and that I’d likely put in 30 kilometres, but you can’t know truly what the road will deliver until it happens. And that, for me, is in large part the joy of a long distance hike. A deserted red clay road winding through forest, moody skies, and a robust wind set the stage.

I was driven by a fellow hiker, Donna, at 7am to get me to my starting point. This early start contributed to my success as well. (I’ll have to dedicate an entire blog post to all of the people who have helped me throughout this journey. It’s been phenomenal.)

Lush ferns abounded on the edges of the red road.

And various lichen in the forest all around

Turn left here instructed The Island Walk sign. It didn’t look like a road but that signage is reliable so, off road I went!

Two fields later, this was at the end of the ”road”. I do love an adventure!

I briefly contemplated taking a break in one of its wheels to get out of the wind. Yes, it was large enough that I could have quite comfortably curled up in there.

My feet and bottom of my pants were soaked after that but it was totally worth it.

It was soon back to road walking – paved roads with cars, I mean. I was excited to see the first bridge of the day in the distance.

Hmmm…I spy a potential spot for a rest break down there.

And, yes, it was a great spot for a snack and a change into dry socks.

Having grown up in the city, I never pass up a chance to check out under a bridge, too.

I hated to leave. That was a sweet place for a stop!

By the way, that bridge is at the Grand River, just past this road.

Odd place to keep your lobsters, but sure…

Further on, after pavement and more charming red road walking, another sign told me to turn here. I did think twice when I read this but carried on.

Yes, again, this was “the road”. I thoroughly enjoyed the slight uncertainty and variety of this day.

I made it to Miscouche, waypoint 14. This would have been my 20km stop for the day, but I decided to continue after a brief stop at the picnic table on the lawn of the big baptist church at the corner of the town’s main intersection.

I was soon back on the Confederation Trail headed to Summerside.

I very much enjoy occasional walks through cities, especially on a trail that prevents me from getting lost!

Summerside has a welcoming waterfront and downtown. The Confederation Trail runs right through it.

I Thoroughly enjoyed the walk, but I was happy to call it a day at Water Street at the trailhead across from Holland College. A cab ride with Paul took me to my motel, Clark’s Sunny Isle. I highly recommend this place. Reasonable rates, well maintained, nice people, and my room even had a back deck to dry my “hiker laundry”.

Lastly, we are now over the $5000 mark for Lennon Recovery House! Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. By next Tuesday, I think I will be close enough to go visit Lennon House and finally meet Dianne Young, its founder, and residents. Very much looking forward to that and sharing all the caring shown to them through this fundraiser. If you haven’t contributed, but would like to, or you would like to learn more about it, this is the link.

More adventures to come! Christine

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