Day 24 – The Island Walk

Adventures and misadventures today!

Summerside morning sky as I headed out of town toward Kensington.

Joban, who got me to trail after my leisurely morning at the fab Clark’s Sunny Isle Motel, set the tone for a fabulous first half of the day. He was such a nice cab driver, and insisted on making a donation to Lennon House when he learned about my walk. Basically, he paid me back the tip I’d given him and then some. So kind. That put a spring in my step walking back on trail through Summerside, in the opposite direction of the first time I did it back on Day… I’m not sure and honestly, I’m too tired to look it up! Suffice to say, I like this town’s vibe and was glad to walk it twice.

Not sure what this building is beside the trail but there were about 30 crows on the roof when I went by, so I’ll call it Hitchcock’s place. There are an almost alarming number of crows in PEI. But they’re are cool, too.

I was soon out of town and back with familiar Confederation trail scenery. Perfect pine path.

Beautiful birches, too.

I’d expected the rain, which had been forecast, to start sooner than it did. It wasn’t until about 2 hours, when I spotted the vintage train as I entered Kensington, that the sky opened up and it was rain gear time.

I ate my lunch in the shelter of a nearby gazebo. There was a picnic table, but it was occupied by three teenagers (out of frame to respect their privacy). I sat on the ground quite comfortably nearby. The lads were friendly and answered a few of my questions about the area.

This is a good pub I was told, but it was closed. Sundays, it seems, some things are closed on the island or don’t open until noon.

By the time I got to the Kensington waypoint sign, not far from where I ate, it began to rain more heavily (which explains the poor quality of this pic). I’d only done about 14 kilometres though and wanted to keep going. Misadventures began.

I couldn’t take my phone out to snap many pics as the rain fell in a steady stream, often horizontally with the wind. A road walk in that means splash from fast moving vehicles, too. Not pleasant but I only went about 5kms.

Views were a bit limited today, so I’m showing what a vegan eats on trail, (some people have asked me) or at least this is what I ate on this particular day. Those weird looking things are mini pitas stuffed with vegan cheese and some with almond butter.

Back to our story. Another fellow hiker, Laura, said she would pick me up when I was done walking. Mercifully, she was already on her way when I texted her so I hardly had to wait. She arrived, so thoughtfully, with big, fluffy towels for the ride back to my motel. I don’t know what I would have done without Laura today!

Back at my room, drenched, my worry now was that my wet and somewhat dirty clothes would never dry out for morning. This is where more of the “awesome” about my motel comes in. Myles, who owns the hotel with his family, washed and dried my pants and socks in their laundry facilities! These are not public, you understand, but for their housekeeping. And I got the newspaper I needed to dry out my shoes from their recycling. This works well by the way: stuff crumpled up newspaper in wet trail runners to dry them out.

But don’t put them outside and then fall asleep because it could rain on them again. Yes, misadventures!

I really wanted to make 20kms, but 19.66 will have to do.

Meanwhile, as I walked, more generous folks donated to our fundraiser! Thank you! Know that I read everyone one of your names and comments and they help keep me going.

More adventures to come as I enter my last week of the walk. Christine

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