Day 26 – The Island Walk

I had been looking forward to this day even before I began my 700km walk.

At around 21 kilometres of my 31 km day, I arrived at Lennon House.

Ever since I decided to tie my walk to fundraise for Lennon House, I felt this day, when I would visit and meet the people there, would be an experience I would not forget. Before I share that, however, here is the beauty I took in earlier in the day.

After a bit of road walking at my starting point on Route 6, I was greeted by a long walk on Cavendish Road along this pleasant boardwalk.

Cavendish is one of the more touristy areas of the island, and evidence abounds.

As I headed into Cavendish National Park, I met workers starting their day and asked if I could snap a pic. Workers, as always, making the world go round.

Shortly after entering the park, The Island Walk’s Linda Lowther came by to say hi (unfortunately I forgot to snap a pic!). It was great to meet her in person! Linda sent me a very useful list of directions for the walk which I have kept handy throughout.

If you do TIW, I recommend printing Linda Lowther’s helpful directions which, with the signage, means not having to refer to your phone to move along.

The paved path all through the park offered view after view of stunning scenery.

I found a sheltered spot at the end of the park for lunch. A picnic table is gold when on a long trek!

But washrooms already closed for the season was a disappointment. Seriously, this situation needs improvement. This, by the way, has nothing to do with The Island Walk folks. It’s a government thing.

After the park, more great boardwalk and views along the water through North Rustico.

Through the harbour and fishery.

And back on Route 6, which was busy and loud, as I walked toward Lennon House.

But even the road walks provide uplifting views.

And friendly, albeit disinterested, company.

And just 1.1 up from the official Island Walk route, I made my way to Lennon House. This slight detour added 2.2 kms to my walk, and I am including it to my total distance of 31.25 for the day.

And when I arrived, warmly greeted by staff and residents, Lennon House founder Dianne Young and I shared tea and delicious vegan cookies in the communal dining room.

Dianne and chef Erin with the delicious plate of vegan cookies. I ate quite a few of those!

Inspiring art graces the walls of communal areas from an artist fundraiser. This piece by Emma Howard.

I felt such a connection with the people I met at Lennon House.

After my visit, it was time to get walking again. Having Dianne join me was a treat and made the next few kilometres fly by!

Mike (who snapped this shot) came to pick up Dianne after our walk. I was sorry to leave my new found friends.

The portion on Grand Pere Road that followed offered more great views.

The Oyster Bay bridge came into view right before the next waypoint.

Made it to waypoint 17, but decided to contInue walking.

An awesome day at an end at the Brackley Rd roundabout, and more kilometres toward the goal!

Having seen Lennon House today, I feel evermore committed to fundraising for this remarkable place. We are at an impressive $5450! Thank you to everyone who has donated already! We are only $1575 away from the goal. Please consider donating if you haven’t already. This is the link to so it.

Thanks as always for reading this. More adventures to come! Christine

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