Day 27 – The Island Walk

Today was a contemplative time after the eventful previous two days. Wind blown clouds kept me company and I was grateful that no rain fell during my four and a half hour walk.

Much of the route today was inside the boundaries of the Brackley Beach National Park.

But before I entered the park, I hiked from the roundabout on Route 6, down Portage Road, and met this handsome couple along the way.

This is the path in the park that filled most of my walking today.

While there were few beach views directly from the path, I did climb over the dunes to watch the crashing waves.

The marsh on the other side of the path was tranquil.

And home to graceful blue herons.

I was happy that Gren came to walk a ways with me.

I’ve developed an affinity for bridges during this walk, and this was quite the bridge!

Always interesting things to see on The Island Walk.

Just before leaving the park, you’ll find this lovely resting spot.

At waypoint 18 in Dalvay, I decided to keep walking an additional couple of kilometres.

Past the waypoint on Route 6, there was still some forest along the side of the road to enjoy.

And a good spot to finish the day and begin again tomorrow.

I ended the day at Winter River.

I only have 3 more days of The Island Walk left and I will be done. I am both anxious to finish and sorry to have it end in equal measure. Meanwhile, I was once again encouraged by additional donations coming in yesterday and today for Lennon House. Thank you all, once again! We are now at $5625. We are so close to our $7000 goal. The life changing help being provided at Lennon House is something I’m grateful that I could support with this 700km journey. If you haven’t yet donated and would like to, this is the link.

More adventures to come. Christine

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