Day 6 – The Island Walk

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

My spirits were high after a relaxed start to the day and blue skies as my brother drove me back to Montague, where I ended yesterday. Today’s stretch was from Montague to Gaspereaux, which came just short of 21 kilometres.


The walk through town heading out on Highway 17 was good, with a bit of a hill. After a few kilometres of road walking though, I felt myself losing motivation. My pack was heavier than it has been lately, too, as I had to resupply food and bring pretty much all my gear (when I am staying overnight for more than one day in one place, I have the luxury of leaving part of my gear but this wasn’t the case today.) I was happy to see the left hand turn on to Lower Montague Road for a break from the highway. This was a quieter road with a view of the water. Much nicer! 

Along Lower Montague Road

Unfortunately that was a short segment of today’s walk. The rest was a slog for me. It was likely due to starting at 10am which meant walking the majority in the peak heat of the day.

Most if the day’s walk was on Route 17

Between the sun beating down, the busy highway, and almost nowhere to stop on the side of the road for a break, it made for a tough day. There are always highlights though! Today they included walking in Montague at the beginning, water views and, at day’s end, being picked up by Bethany. She and her family own Seal Cove Campground.

Bethany has generously offered to ferry me for the next 3 days to and from start and end points on the walk.

My home-away-from-home during that time is an absolutely perfect cabin at the campground, complete with kitchen, bathroom, and separate bedroom. The campground itself is beautifully well kept and there’s a clear view of the water from the cabin. So nice!

View from the cabin

I highly recommend checking out Seal Cove, especially if you are doing The Island Walk. You can also camp here. It’s perfectly located for these sections of the walk and Bethany is great.

I’m planning to head out earlier for cooler walking tomorrow from Gaspereaux to Murray River.

Again, thank you to all who are continuing to donate to the Lennon Recovery House fundraiser. We are now at $3790 of the $7000 goal. Almost $4000!

I check the progress of the fundraiser at the end of each day’s walk and am so grateful to see so many people wanting to make a difference by supporting Lennon House and this walk. Many of the names I recognize too, which makes it that much sweeter ❤️

If you haven’t made a donation and would like to, or just want to learn more about what we’re trying to raise the funds for at Lennon House, this is the link.

As always, thank you for following along. More again soon.


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