Day 7 – The Island Walk

Thursday, September 9, 2021

I was rewarded for setting out early today with a gorgeous view.

It also set me up for a solid 24 kilometres at a decent pace. Since I knew it would be a road walk from Gaspereaux to Murray River, along the same highway I was on yesterday (Route 17), I decided to listen to an audiobook to make the day more enjoyable.

Long distance hiker Stephen Reynolds is an excellent, and often hilarious, writer. Just Out for a Walk, about his journey on The South West Coast Path, England’s longest waymarked footpath, was a treat to listen to as I put the kilometres behind me. At some parts, the narrator had me laughing out loud, which probably made those driving by me wonder!

I looked longingly at the forest beside the road as I walked by. Nice to have it there to view at least.

The time flew by and it was perfect walking weather for the first half of the day. Then the blue skies turned to cloud, the wind arrived and, eventually, rain. It fell quite heavily, but as it came after pleasant weather, and after I discovered a gorgeous spot off the road for a snack break, I didn’t really mind the unexpected downpour.

Sweet spot for a snack break

Snack spot was just a short climb down from this bridge

Before the rain, I also ran into Marilyn and Carolyn, fellow hikers going in the opposite direction and we stopped for a brief chat.

By the time I arrived at Murray River – the official stop for the day at waypoint 29 – I was soaked through.

Then the rain let up and I got fries from the food truck at the harbour. The Confederation Trailhead, just up from there, provided a covered gazebo so I could finally sit down in a dry spot.

After eating, I changed into new socks, rolled up my jeans, put my pack back on and headed on for another 4 or so kilometres, directly on the tranquil trail.

I ended at the Munns Road – dirt road, route 305 intersection – where Bethany, my gracious host from Seal Cove campground, picked me up.

I was happy to be back at my cozy Campground cabin!

Our fundraising continues. We are at $3890 for Lennon Recovery Home for folks struggling with addictions and mental health disorders. I think of people with those struggles, some I’ve known, while I walk. Walking long distances gives you a lot of thinking time. And I know that what we are making happen for Lennon House with the funds will make a difference for residents there. Thank you again for your donations.

If you haven’t made a donation but would like to, or just want to learn more, this is the link. Please share the blog and, more importantly, the fundraiser, with anyone you think might be interested.

More of the walking adventure to come!

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