Day 8 – The Island Walk

Pruny, that was me at day’s end after hours of walking in the rain! Nonetheless, I saw some nice scenery and I’m feeling strong.

Some of my favourite scenery on trail are occasional washrooms!

I started late to miss the thunderstorms that were forecast but, alas, all morning turned out to be dry. Seriously, weather forecasters, get it together! Oh, but I got a call from the Guardian newspaper – not that Guardian, the PEI Guardian – during my leisurely morning, so that was good. We’ll see what might come of that, but hoping it will help with the fundraiser for Lennon House. Anyway, I got on trail at noon at Munns Road and the Confederation Trail, where I left off yesterday. Munns Road is more of a red dirt track but it does cross the trail and is driveable if someone is, as my hosts Bethany and Cory were, graciously picking you up and dropping you off. It’s a good spot to add a few kilometres after Murray River to shorten the next day. This is why I did a smidge over 22 instead of 26 kilometres today.

There were some lovely spots on the trail. The temperature rose and the humidity soared before the rain came.

See autumn slipping in?

Not much happened from the steady downpour until the end of my 22.06 kilometres. Sometimes you just have to don the rain gear, put some music in the headphones, and put one foot in front of the other. The Confederation trail is ideal for this – nothing to think about like traffic and directions – with a comfortable surface to walk on, lots of forest, moss, ferns, and tranquility. Did you know that forests boosts our immune system? While we breathe in the fresh air, we breathe in phytoncides, airborne chemicals that plants give off to protect themselves from insects. I’m no expert, but I like to look these things up.

The over 3 hours of the head down, feet in puddles and the inability to take my phone out for more than a few seconds is why, unfortunately, my tracker app waa interrupted at 19 kilometres but thankfully I noticed it no longer speaking to me and had to reset it for the last kilometres recorded but the 19.07 plus 3.09 is fairly accurate. I ended in Surrey – not to be confused with Souris, as happened a few times.

Munns Road to past Melville before app glitch

The picnic tables with shelter on the trail are such a welcome feature on the trail! Being able to eat my lunch out of the rain was a highlight.

This is what a vegan lunch can look like

Thanks again to Bethany who waited patiently for me at the end and welcomed me, sopping wet, into her vehicle to whisk me to my comfortable cabin back at Seal Cove. I’ll really be sorry to leave it and their hospitality!

Today we are at $3935 of our $7000 goal for Lennon Recovery House! We’re so close to $4000. If you haven’t donated and would like to help push us into $4000, please check out the link.

To those that have already donated, thank you! Your donation will help certainly make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Thank you also for following along. If you’re interested in maybe doing this Island Walk yourself, or even sections of it, check out: There’s a great map there, and you can see where I’ve travelled so far if that is of interest.

More adventures tomorrow! Christine

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