Documenting Creative Process : concept to show

I was invited to take part in an exhibition at Carbon Art Gallery in Prince Edward County not long ago and now, it's almost show time!

Opening night was Thursday, December 5th, 2019.

A project initiated by photographer Sean Ferguson, and complemented by his work and that of artists Adam Cole and Vanessa Pandos, "Streets" is an exploration of the avenues through glasswork, photography and textile art.

I submitted 4 pieces. This is how my contribution came together.

Rough sketches as ideas pop into my head months ahead. I'm constantly sketching and writing down ideas for future projects or when something inspires me.

Below: Choosing materials and palettes / transferring ideas to size and final sketches/ lots of stitching!

The ideas transform through the process as experimentation occurs and ideas further develop.

Hours and hours of stitching while listening to podcasts.

Below are the finished pieces. Two have sold and I'm rather thinking I'll keep the one with the hand and flowers, which is my favourite.

The heart tree went to a buyer in British Columbia as an auction item in support of a Black Women's Farm startup, and the other was bought as a xmas gift. The mixed media "Whose streets, our streets!" piece is still for sale, and you can see size and price under the shop tab above.

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