Everyone deserves a road to recovery

One of my goals on this 700km Island Walk is to raise money for Lennon House, a peer-support-based home for people struggling with addictions and co-occurring mental health disorders. Having lost people I care about, (one personal story) and witnessing both the struggles and courageous recovery of people with addictions and mental health challenges, I know that Lennon House is providing support that will truly save lives.

Along with Harm Reduction, I advocate for access to creative expression, which is a proven practice for transformative healing. This is why your donations will create an Art Space for Lennon House residents, with art materials and, most importantly, ongoing art therapy and sustained programming by visiting artists.

The story of Lennon House carries deep, authentic roots. Seven years ago, Dianne Young’s son, Lennon, took his own life when he was only 29, after struggling with addiction and mental health issues. After this tragic loss, Dianne set out to be part of the solution by opening Lennon House in PEI.

The work done at Lennon House speaks to me, and I hope it does to you.

Everyone matters, everyone deserves nonjudgmental support, love, and paths to recovery.

I hope we can work together to make that happen for current and future residents of Lennon House. Please make a donation today in whatever amount you can afford here, and accept my heartfelt thanks.


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