Hope isn’t enough: make plans and do stuff (I started a You Tube channel)

This has been a tough week in pandemic land. Likely no amount of feel-good self-talk is going to change that significantly for most people. Not for me, in any case. Actions, however, can help. One foot in front of the other – literally, because I was hiking this week – can be an antidote.

Also, making plans that I can start on right now. The process of doing things today is like food prepping. You know when you have food cut up and ready to go for a planned dinner, rather than waiting and staring into the fridge to decide what the hell to have? You can really reap the benefits from that kind of pre-planning process for something in the not-too-distant future. Learn something new. Crawl out from under the covers. Get dressed. That’s the start.

Recently, I decided to make a couple of short movies from a bit of video footage and a few photos of my last good hikes. Then I created a You Tube channel. I’ve put the link below if you’re interested in having a look at the uploads so far.

I’m also going to turn my car into a “camper” so I can travel around to different places to hike, then park and camp from my car. I’m hoping to also safely visit friends here and there at the same time, once the restrictions are less, well, restrictive. If you’re a friend and have a driveway, I may see you…if you’re up for it.

I’ll write about how I’m going to set up my car camping (there’ll be lots of frugal DIY involved) in future blog posts. Maybe I’ll make a video about it. Meanwhile, I’m interested in hearing what plans you might be making right now to help you get through these days. 

That’s all the energy I have this week for the blog, but I hope you’re all holding up okay. Thanks, as always, for reading this and if you would like to hit “follow” on the blog or “subscribe” to my You Tube channel, that would be greatly appreciated. 

Stay well and safe, Christine

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