How to make pandemic time suck less

Like a lot of other folks, I’ve been doing some weird and sometimes wonderful things to cope since the beginning of the pandemic. As bad as it’s been, I’m lucky compared to many and, in fact, the situation has even offered me a chance for a bit of personal growth. That, I have to say, I had not expected! And quite a few others I’ve talked with have said the same. And during this time, I’ve been documenting a lot of what I’ve been doing – practical things – and I thought I’d share those here.

All we have is each other

If you’re interested in how I’ve been dealing with isolation by creating a cozy and comfortable space (on very little money), in simplifying, organizing, art making, journaling, DIY, vegan cooking, and book and podcast recommendations, then please follow along. I’ll also share habits for frugal living, some of my thrift store finds, and tips and tricks that have just been making life better. I might do some embroidery or crafting tutorials. Much will be driven by what you might like me to cover.

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Happy New Year! I hope your 2021 is filled with all your wishes!


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