Make time to be creative and you'll be happier!

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

It's so easy, isn't it, to say one day I'm going to learn to draw, knit, finish that embroidery project, or whatever? Are we waiting until we retire - yeah, that's not happening for a lot of us, by the way!

Being creative, doing things with your hands, unplugging from devices and seeing something you have made come to life are ways to truly make life worth living. The world can be a pretty upsetting place right now, and our personal challenges can be overwhelming, too, but a little art practice can help us cope and reward us with peace of mind and joy.

Something that I like to do in my art practice is to have a few projects on the go. I try to have one learning project to start. Right now, I'm trying to improve my drawing skills so I'm sketching small, everyday objects like my cup, a plant, or my cat.

Then I like to have a mindless project. This is one I can do while I watch something on television or listen to a podcast. Currently, I'm crocheting a simple , straight line bench seat cushion.

Thirdly, I like to have a project that I'm already pretty good at, but that I want to improve, or "up my game" as they say. For me, that's embroidery. I'm stitching a project with more complicated stitches and a palette that incorporates shadows.

Whatever you like to do, do more of it. Then start something new. Watercolour is on my list. And don't forget to spend time with others who like to be creative. Host a crafternoon, or take a class.

Life can be short. Do what matters.

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