Paths to discovery and recovery

October 13, 2021. It is the end, yet also the beginning. My long distance Island Walk in PEI is done. The fundraiser closed yesterday. The beautiful ripples of the funds raised for Lennon House, however, have taken root in the most inspiring ways. Your donations made this joyous, supportive art space and programming possible.

Thank you! We exceeded the goal of $7000 for a total of $7460. Funds are being used for materials, art therapy, artist visits and future programming. Please enjoy the images of the second weekly art therapy session for residents of Lennon House . They have chosen the hard path of recovery from addictions and co-occurring mental health struggles through this caring peer-based support. Their courage and the transformative beauty of creative expression, is here, in action.

Lennon House founder Dianne Young is deeply engaged and the driving force behind this special recovery home.

I’ll be writing more about the adventures that await – whatever they may be – as well as other musings about once a week for the next little while. I hope to see you here again. Thanks for reading. Christine

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