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Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Sometimes getting creative just means getting off the computer - after you read this, of course, haha! - and setting our minds to doing something creative. Whether that's writing a poem or just an old fashioned letter to a friend, picking up that embroidery or knitting we started long ago, or deciding to finally organize some photos for a collage, the important thing is to get started. You don't have a project waiting in the wings? You're one of the lucky ones then because you can start from scratch.

So here are a few ideas for quick, simple projects:

- Make a pompom. Then make a bunch to create a pompom garland or to add a few to the corner of a cushion. If you're really ambitious, you could make a pompom rug. This is a great tutorial.

- Make a card. Almost everyone has some card stock or paper to make a card. Or use one you've received but don't need to keep, and recycle it by redesigning it to serve your purpose. Grab some magazines, and collage the card for a family member's upcoming birthday or just as a note to send to your friend.

-Too ambitious for today? Then maybe simply make a cup of tea (or if you're like me you can reheat that coffee), get out a notebook and start with a list of projects you'd like to do, or a list of creative skills you'd like to learn: origami? hand lettering? crochet? sketching?

Whatever it is, remember to set aside time for your creative self, and start today. Even if it's just 20 minutes. You deserve it.

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